Zine Distro

Below are PDFs of some of the zines we like to print and distribute. When possible, reading versions are included along with print-ready, imposed files. This will be updated and added to pretty consistently until some pretty significant things happen.

Learning Good Consent

The Fire Inside PRINT // READ

Freedom First PRINT // READ

Shifting Carceral Landscapes PRINT // READ

Delusions of Progress: Expanded Notes on the Police, their Predecessors & the White Hell of Civil Society PRINT // READ

Dispatches from Charlottesville, 2017

Weathering Prison: Tips from Anarchist Prisoners Dane Powell & Joseph Buddenburg

Syrian Underground Railroad: Open Border Activism in the Modern Landscape PRINT // READ

Containing the Crisis: A History of Mass Incarceration & Rebellion in the Rustbelt

Dispatches from Standing Rock: Against the Dakota Access Pipeline & Its World

From Democracy to Freedom PRINT // READ

Against The Port and It’s World: Actions Against Fracking in Olympia – PRINT  // READ

Commune Against Civilization: Dispatches from the Olympia Blockade 2017

Queer Fire: The George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism & Gay Struggle Against Prison

Brick by Brick: Creating a World Without Prisons PRINT // READ

Abolition & Dystopia PRINT // READ

The Colonizer’s Corpse, by Sean Swain

Fugitive Thoughts, by Sean Swain

Anarchy Live! The Writings of Anarchist Prisoner Michael Kimble

Battle Tested: Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoner Eric King

Repression Breeds Resistance, by Greg Curry

Migra Terror: Deportations, Murder, and the U.S. War on Aztlán, by Jose H. Villarreal

Free Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Revolutionary Thought & Culture, Vol. 1, by Jose H. Villarreal

Autonomous Resistance to Slavery & Colonization: Two Essays by Russel Maroon Shoatz

Liberation or Gangsterism: Freedom or Slavery, by Russell Maroon Shoatz

Until All Are Free: The Trial Statement of Ray Luc Levasseur

Trial Statement of New Afrikan Revolutionary Kuwasi Balagoon

Let the Crops Rot in the Fields, by the Free Alabama Movement

These Burning Streets, by Kelly Rose Pflug-Back

What Is Prisoner Support?

Never Dormant on Death Row: Siddique Hasan & Bomani Shakur on Ferguson and Movements Against Police Violence

The Insurgent Southwest: Death, Criminality, and Militarization  on the U.S.-Mexican Border

Designed to Kill: U.S. Border Policy and How to Change It PRINT // READ

Transcripts From a Forum on Black Mesa

Beware the Funders of Immigrants’ Rights

Accomplices Not Allies

When Misery Means Profit: Immigration Enforcement, the Prison Industry & ALEC

Follow the Money: The University of Arizona’s Border War

Against Carceral Feminism

Learning From Ferguson

Counterinsurgency and the Policing of Space in Ferguson

Police Killing in the Fields: Analysis of Actions and Interventions Against Police Murder in Salinas, CA

International Trans Prisoner Day of Action & Solidarity Zine #1

We Asked for Life: On the 1975 Revolt at the North Carolina Correctional Center for Women

Joint Statement from INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence & Critical Resistance on Gender Violence & the Prison Industrial Complex

The Thin Blue Line is a Burning Fuse: Why Every Struggle Is Now a Struggle Against the Police

What they Mean When they Say Peace & The Making of Outside Agitators PRINT // read herehere

A Story of Attica

Attica: A Brief Primer

Down: Reflections on Prison Resistance in Indiana

Black Anarchism: A Reader

Abolish Whiteness

Burning the Bridges They Are Building: Anarchist Strategies Against the Police (Puget Sound, Winter 2011)

Love for the Silent Ones: A Collection of Communiques and Reports from Actions in Solidarity with the Northwest Grand Jury Resisters

Toronto G20 Main Conspiracy Group: The Charges and How They Came to Be

Against Innocence PRINT // READ

Locked Up, by Alfredo Bonanno

What Better Time Than Now: Notes on Consciousness and Unity in US Cities and Prisons

Governing Bodies // Governing Souls: Female Incarceration, “Rehabilitation,” and Promising Radical Strategies

Defiant Hearts: Birth and the Prison Industrial Complex

Desirable Undesirables PRINT // READ

The Lucasville Uprising

Voices of the Lucasville Uprising: Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3

Layers of Injustice: Reexamining the Lucasville Uprising

The Flatbush Rebellion

Unforgiving & Inconsolable: Durham Against the Police

3 Positions Against Prison

Don’t Die Wondering: Atlanta Against the Police PRINT // READ

Dispatches from Minneapolis: Action Against Police Violence, 2015

End Prison Slavery

Tweaking Armageddon: The Potential and Limits of Conditions of Confinement Campaigns

Notes on Prison, Justice & Climate

Back from Hell: Black Power and Treason to Whiteness Inside Prison Walls

Nothing Is Finished: Essays from Anti-Prison Struggles in Belgium

Historical Moments of Policing, Violence & Resistance Series
Vol. 1: The Mississippi Papers
Vol. 2: 1937 Memorial Day Massacre
Vol. 3: An (Abridged) History of Resisting Police Violence in Harlem
Vol. 4: “We Don’t Want This to Look Like A Massacre:” The Danziger Bridge Shootings
Vol. 5: The Police Execution of Oscar Grant
Vol. 6: Chicago Red Summer 1919
Vol. 7: 1968 Democratic Convention
Vol. 8: Jon Burge and Chicago Police Torture

An Anarchist Introduction to Critical Race Theory

Against White Supremacy: Screw the Klan, the Confederacy & the Cops (South Carolina, July 2015)

Claim No Easy Victories: A History and Analysis of Anti-Racist Action

Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in Radical Movements

Dangerous Spaces: Violent Resistance, Self-Defense and Insurrectional Struggle Against Gender

The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community

Sex, Race and Class, by Selma James

On Women and Violence

Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries: Survival, Revolt, and Queer Antagonist Struggle

Queens, Hookers and Hustlers: organizing for survival and revolt, 1950-1970

Undoing Borders: A Queer Manifesto PRINT // READ

Dispatches from Ferguson, Vol. 1

Malevolent Europe: Regarding Refugee Oppression and Resistance at the Borders

A No Borders Manifesto

To Change Everything

Black Anarchism, by Ashanti Alston

Crime, from Anarchy Works

Abolish Restaurants PRINT // READ (click-thru)

Work Community Politics War PRINT// READ (click-thru)

Life Without Law: An Introduction to Anarchist Politics

Breaking with Consensus Reality

The Problem with “Privilege”

Our Culture, Our Resistance: People of Color Speak Out on Anarchism, Race, Class and Gender

A Mountain River has Many Bends: An Introduction to the Rojava Revolution

10 Points on the Black Bloc

Revolutionary Solidarity: A Critical Reader for Accomplices PRINT // READ

Another Word for White Ally is Coward PRINT // READ

The Illegitimacy of Violence, the Violence of Legitimacy PRINT // READ

The Divorce of Thought from Deed: a compilation of writings on social conflict, white supremacy, and the mythology of free speech at UNC

Lines in Sand: Three Essays on Identity, Oppression, and Social War

Anarchists Against the Wall

Ukraine and the Future of Social Movements

The June 2013 Uprisings in Brazil

Koukoulofori: Stories, Lessons, and Inspiration from the Greek Anarchist Movement

A Day When Nothing Is Certain: Writings on the Greek Insurrection

Spreading Disorder: Two Essays by A.G. Schwarz

Why Riot? PRINT // READ

Anarchists in the Bosnian Uprising

Let One Hundred Flowerpots Bloom

Anarchists in the Turkish Uprising (2013)

No, We Can’t All Just Get Along: Exploring Hip Hop, Gang Unity and the LA Rebellion

After the Crest Series
Zine series examining the periods after large uprisings generally, with specific writings from Montreal, Barcelona, and Oakland.
Pt. 1: What to do When the Dust is Settling
Pt. 2: The Rise & Fall of the Oakland Commune
Pt. 3: Barcelona Anarchists at Low Tide
Pt. 4: Montreal – Peaks and Precipices

500 Years of Indigenous Resistance PRINT // READ

The Oka Crisis

1995 Standoff at Ts’Peten

Colonization and Decolonization

For America to Live, Europe Must Die

With Land, Without the State: Anarchist Solidarity with the Struggle in Wallmapu

Wanting to be Indian: When Spiritual Searching Turns into Cultural Theft

I Will Not Crawl: Excerpts from Robert F. Williams on Black Struggle and Armed Defense in Monroe, NC

The Stockade Stood Burning: Rebellion and the Convict Lease in Tennessee’s Coal Fields, 1891 – 1895.

Jane: Documents from Chicago’s Clandenstine Abortion Service 1968-1973

A Brief History of Capitalism

Reading for Revolution

Collective Process, Overcoming Power

Thoughts About Community Support Around Intimate Violence

Accounting For Ourselves: Breaking the Impasse Around Assault and Abuse in Anarchist Scenes PRINT // READ

Welcome to the Future: Essays on Climate Change

Betrayal: A Critical Analysis of Rape Culture in Anarchist Subcultures PRINT // READ

What Is Security Culture?


Lexicon Pamphlet Series
Brief explorations of central ideas in radical politics.
White Supremacy